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Grumpy Maxie by SmudDragon
Grumpy Maxie
For SamCyberCat

Remember Grumpy Cat?  Of course you do I've never seen a meme flogged to death more than that one was  THAT'S WHO MAXIE LOOKS LIKE XDDDD

Ones with quotes here:…
Good Godot
Since I was putting up SamCyberCat's birthday picture on time, I thought I should definitely put up the one that was meant for :iconmoonstar102: in September--I'm so sorry that it took me this long to get my shit together and finish any art ;A;

We have a lot of inside jokes and things that include Godot in bondage... it's best not to ask. XD
Reaping what you're Hoenn by SmudDragon
Reaping what you're Hoenn
Happy Birthday to :iconsamcybercat:!

I made you some Seamountshipping :iconexcitedlaplz: :iconlachoirplz:

This is from our RP, although this bit hasn't happened yet.  Matt is upset about the impending end of the world.  Tabitha is usually the one prone to emotional outbursts but now he has to keep it together and calm Matt down. ;w;
Archie + Maxie pre-ORAS headcanon by SmudDragon
Archie + Maxie pre-ORAS headcanon
I spent too long sketching these and now I think they're hideous :crying:

This is backstory I made up for how Archie and Maxie know each other, and what the mysterious "team" they were previously on together was.  The "Team Terra" concept was not my invention, it is based on the ideas of someone more talented than me, here:…

The whole thing is no more than a bit of private headcanon, since it plays a bit fast and loose with the timeline prior to what happens in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (everything would be condensed down and Professor Cozmo would be a lot younger...)  It's mostly just for the RP between myself and SamCyberCat~

In the highly likely event that my handwriting is hard to read, here is what the notes say:

1) Young Archie & Maxie, fresh out of school, get low-level jobs on the Sea Mauville construction project, thinking they're so grown-up & cool, "building Hoenn's future".  (Maxie is in R&D, hence the lab coat.  Archie is... maintenance... for the dive teams...  IDK he has a rope.)

2) They get along despite their different personalities because they agree on everything--when people start to speak up about the dodgy practises on the project, they're amongst the first to side with Wattson & try to do something about it.  (They look like they're arguing but they're meant to be having an impassioned discussion.)

3) While Wattson is trying to deal with things diplomatically, these two are amongst the super zealous group who stir shit up--protests, vandalism, social media campaigns... which is the genesis of the eco-terrorist group, Team Terra.  (Archie is throwing a brick, Maxie has a can of spraypaint which doesn't look remotely like anything.)

4) After that group dissolves, the two of them have all the useful contacts, knowledge, & experience to strike out on their own and form their teams.  Their experience with Sea Mauville has shaped their ambitions differently.  Archie decides they shouldn't have disregarded or tried to improve upon nature, thus he wants Kyogre to "return everything to the beginning"--a more natural existence not reliant on technology.  Whereas Maxie believes the project could have succeeded if it hadn't been overly ambitious & cut too many corners--by expanding the landmass & therefore the available resources, an undertaking like that could go ahead properly with no expense spared, and be a positive thing that improved everyone's lives.


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